Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Getting there.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm not going anywhere. But for the last year I lived in dread of it, held tight to my space as if it was grounded and I just a flash of light. But that was because the time to leave wasn't yet. Places are animate and a part of us, they breathe at night and sleep during the day. Here is a handbook for saying goodbye, when the time brings it.

February 2, 2010, from Daily Om
Honoring Passing Spaces: Saying Good-bye to a Home

When we move from one residence to another, we often get so caught up in the forward thrust of where we are going that we forget to properly say good-bye to the home we are leaving behind. Yet saying good-bye is an important part of moving forward. It gives us a sense of completion so that we are able to fully inhabit our new space, having left nothing of ourselves behind in the old one. In this way, we honor the space that has held and nurtured us. At the same time, we cleanse it and empty it of our energy so that the new residents can make the space theirs.

Plan a walk through your home that begins and ends at the front door. Ideally, you will be alone or accompanied only by a person who shared the space with you. Prepare yourself mentally to be as present as you can during this process. As you enter the house, you might say, “I have come to thank you for being my home and to say good-bye.” You might touch the walls with your hands as you move through the house, or you might burn sage as an offering, as well as an energy cleanser. Spend some time in each room expressing your gratitude and gathering or releasing any lingering energy from the room. As you do this, you are freeing your home to embrace its new occupants. Remember to visit your outside spaces as well. Plants are especially sensitive to the energy around them and will appreciate your consideration.

As you make your way back to the front door, know that you have completed your final journey through your home and that you have honored and blessed it with this ritual of farewell. As you close and lock the door behind you, say one last good-bye. Now you can walk freely into your future and fully inhabit the new spaces that will keep you safe and warm.


February is a my favorite month of the year. A tiny little festive month, it flies by full of hearts and old-guy clebrations and somewhere along the way a special event that happens in the cold, memorable, that you won't want to forget. I look forward to February, and commit to, March 1st, recording what that most special February moment was.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ready to get some color back, so channeling summer through the reds.

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